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Our Handmade Products

Handicraft is a unique expression of a particular culture or community with local crafts and materials. Traditional craft communities and their products can no longer be viewed in isolation from global market trends and competition. Handicrafts are part of a much larger market, handmade, semi-handmade and machine-made goods. The handicraft market is strongly influenced by fashion trends, consumer buying patterns and the economic situation in end markets. We always believe in making handmade products, because the final product has your signature and your history in it, and we are the energy and love that you have invested in a product that is unique.

Cataleya homemade spreads, liqueurs and beverages


We are currently developing and preparing a wonderful selection of flavors for special occasions for home use or for professional culinary.

Appetizer spreads and marmalade

from 4.5 eur


from 35 eur

Natural health drinks

from 12 eur

Handmade Forged Pans

From one piece forged black pan, suitable for baking and serving top quality food. The surface is protected with olive oil.
Suitable for all types of cooking appliances, including induction. Lifetime warranty.

We offer several different sizes and shapes of pans, depending on the customer, as each pan has a unique design. A certificate of material and use is attached.

Certificate of pan:
Martensized stainless steel PRO CROM 5
W-Nr 14116(ENx50CrNoV15)

The price of the pan starts from 80 eur and onwards.

Today's Specialities

Handmade cutting boards

Handmade cutting boards for professional or home use. You can choose from a variety of wood and shape types and a personalized inscription engraved on the board.

Cutting boards are an indispensable accessory in the kitchen. Despite technological advances and the manufacture of plastic and glass cutting boards, wooden cutting boards are still the first choice for most of us.

We can also design cutting boards according to your wishes, so that each one will be exactly as you imagined it as a gift. You can choose between the type of wood, the shape and thickness of the board, the engraving and the grooves in which the jars or products of your choice can be placed.

The price of boards starts from 40 eur onwards.

Today's Specialities

Handmade Knives

One of the main features of the Handmade knives by RR kitchen knives is their uniqueness. Because all the knives are forged, shaped, hardened and ground by hand, none of them has exactly the same duplicate.

Material and shape:
The blades are ideal made of specific steel, which promises long-term loyalty. The handles are made of quality wood. They are designed on the model of Japanese knives. Because we are aware that everyone has their own desires, needs and tastes, we offer you the opportunity to assemble your own knife. You can choose the shape and length of the blade, the material of the handle and, if desired, we can also engrave your personalized inscription.
Certificate of blade:
Martensized stainless steel PRO CROM 5
W-Nr 14116(ENx50CrNoV15)
The price starts from 180 eur, depends of shape and blade lengths.

Handmade plates

If you are looking for unique functional plates with a differentorganic look, then you are at the perfect place. We do Handmade wooden, glass and stoneware plates. We design and craft each piece in my workshop in Tenerife.Every singel one of them has a unique design and touch of our passion, combined with functional simplisity, inspired by nature.
Every person has his own pesonality, so we create every plate with his own unique design and personality.

The price starts from 45 eur, depending of the wishes of the client.

Today's Specialities

Mobile Cocktail bar

Have you heard of a mobile bar? Mobile bars are the perfect way to bring a little whimsy to your wedding,house,private vila or next party on boat.
If you’re loving the idea of parking a party right there at your reception, rehearsal dinner, bridal shower—all of ’em!—then get excited. We searched high and low to bring you the absolute cutest mobile bars from all over. Mobile bars literally bring the fun to you. However, what you’re not looking forward to is running around all night making sure all the drinks are topped up and the guests are happy.

With Mix and Twist, you’ll be able to enjoy every second of your party. Through us, you will be able to hire cocktail mixologists and flair bartenders to wow your guests, and a mobile bar which adds to the buzz in the atmosphere. We’ll take care of all the logistics, from transporting to clearing away glasses, and if you choose our all-inclusive package we’ll provide all the ingredients, and the bar. We like to take care of everything so you’re left to enjoy your private party!