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A satisfied costumer is the best business strategy of all.


At Reformas Cataleya Tenerife we do all the work like tiles, woodworking,construction of wooden house, plastering, painting, maintenance, plumbering, electricity... etc.

From starting with Vacation Rental Management in 2010 until today, we tested, applied, and finally perfected our business model down to the smallest details. Our business model proves on a daily basis that we know how to make more revenue while saving time for Homeowners.


Finca Canarias is a small family business dedicated for two generations to the natural cultivation of aloe vera. The brand is born from experience in the tourism sector and above all from the enthusiasm to undertake a sustainable, natural and environmentally friendly business. After several years of hard work in the search for land, crops, the business strategy and an effective formula for all products, Finca Canarias has grown little by little until it is present in almost all of the Canary Islands. The Lesmes family's dream has bewitched dozens of employees, who are already part of the ever-growing professional family at Finca Canarias. With a multidisciplinary staff, Finca Canarias is driven by a passion for excellence and a job well done, promoting job creation, job security, collaboration with local agriculture and the production of products with the highest quality standards, ours. The brand was born with an objective that remains unshakable, the commercialization of 100% natural products, without chemicals, without tests on animals and totally ecological. Since its foundation about a decade ago until today, the group of employees, the number of farms and the list of products have grown, but the original essence and the desire to work in what we love remains, as a fundamental pillar on which This company grows and that is the basis of its success.


Hello World!


We offer a large selection of alcoholic beverages for all tastes and all occasions

Construction Wooden Houses



We, Alfa Natura - a whole team of experts from various fields, take care of the successful planning and implementation of the facilities. Each of us adds our share of knowledge and experience to meet your desires and expectations.

Everything for hair and beauty

Smart Salon Supplies

We have the largest range of branded hair-, nail- and massage salon products in Tenerife for retail and supply we supply the products of hairdressers, beauty and massage salons. Our aim is to provide top quality brands at affordable prices. Whether you would like to order a few items or want us to supply your salon or shop, Smart Salon Supplies has the answer!

ANA-nas Nails Tenerife

Nail Technician

The perfect place to get that pedicure and manicure, we all deserve. Let your nails speak instead of you.